Monday, May 20, 2013

So close!

I can't believe I only have eleven more days until I'm on the plane headed across the pond. It seems like time has flown but it still feels like forever until I leave. I'm not quite sure the gravity of what I'm doing this summer has hit me yet. It is so much of a dream come true that it hasn't quite met reality. I'm sure all that will change when I board that plane!

I just received my final packet containing all the last minute details of my internship. I got the names of the girls I'll be living with as well as the location of my apartment (or flat as the Londoners would call it)! This week I'll begin to get myself packed and get an idea of how much I plan on over packing. I need to start early just to make sure I don't try to bring too much!

I'm also going to begin to do some research to save myself some time while I'm abroad. During my internship I will be researching and observing the differences in the United States and the UK teaching models. I will be focusing specifically on the common core and essential state standards and the British IB curriculum and going even farther, on how literacy plays a role in each group of educational standards. As I research and observe, I hope to post on here about what I'm learning!

I also have another objective for this blog. The International Community School where I will be interning has a unique addition to their summer school that will make this internship even more enjoyable for me. Each week they take their summer school students on a trip. It will be a day trip somewhere around London. One of my responsibilities will be to help plan this trip and to be a chaperone for the group. The location of the trip will be the focus of study for the week leading up to it so every week will bring a different topic. My hope is to learn much through the school as well as some additional research on my own. Every week I will post on this blog with pictures of where we went as well as some history on the location. I'll also include some posts about what I'm doing in my free time! 

I just can't wait to get started!

Countdown: 11 days until London

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